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Self-Drive 4X4 Tours by Tripology Adventures

For the past 15 years we've been specializing in self-drive 4X4 tours for small groups, and have opened up a wide range of locations around the world. We offer a variety of tours to desirable locations at different difficulty levels, for private groups, families and adults traveling solo.


Our tour itineraries stray far from the standard, overused and overcrowded touristy itineraries. We take travelers to destinations unknown to others simply because we have scouted and developed friendships with fascinating people in amazing locations.


We take you on a journey among the country's historic sites, natural wonders and charming residents. We introduce you to our local friends, offer you unique and delicious food in a local home or a small tavern concealed within a small village or enter a local tea house for a game of backgammon with the village's elders. We lay out a mat in the most beautiful corners of Mother Nature so you can take a long, deep, intoxicating breath of crystal clear air.


What are self-drive 4X4 tours?

We plan our tours with comfortable, safe and reliable off road vehicles, which allow us to reach remote yet fascinating locations that 'regular' tourists aren't able to reach. Every 4 travelers help drive their consigned 4X4 vehicle (we can arrange tours with 2 or 3 travelers per vehicle for an extra fee). 


Tours travel in a small convoy, led by a tour support vehicle equipped with all that's necessary for a trip of this nature, and our expert Tripology Adventures guides. All vehicles are interconnected via two-way radios that are used by both the guide and the travelers throughout the entire trip. This way, we ensure that everyone is doing well in the convoy, communicate instructions and guidance on the route, and enlighten on a variety of topics relating to the legends and history outside our windows.


We always go out in small groups of up to 24 people, with no more than 8 vehicles, in order to ensure an adequate pace, and to allow us to easily traverse the special routes - we want to blend into the local landscape, not be a burden on it.


In addition, traveling in small groups allows us to stay overnight in small, unique hotels and guest houses, gives the guide the opportunity to reach every traveler and respond to any request or question in the quickest possible manner, and make sure travelers are fully bonded to the local environment.


We make sure groups consist of people of the same ages and try our best not to mix families with kids into a trip designed for couples or singles. On the other hand, our family trips will entertain both parents and children with specially designed itineraries.


All of our routes are ideal for each and every one, even for those who aren't used to driving off road, or who may be driving a 4X4 vehicle for the first time. We definitely think the driving experience, the size of the group, the connection to the exotic places and people and all of our other thoughtful and well planned trip ingredients, all create a unique traveling experience in which you'll be asking yourself why you haven't tried this before...


For those who are still apprehensive, we want to make it clear that our guides are extremely experienced in leading self-driven convoys, in off-road rescue practices, and in finding solutions to any situation that may arise. From our experience, after the first day of traveling, apprehension fades away, drivers find their confidence in these extremely capable vehicles, and the enjoyment is stimulating. Everyone understands that driving is only part of this empowering trip, yet doesn't overshadow the other ingredients that together create an unforgettable experience. Once you find the rhythm of the road, and discover the surprises that lay along our route, it becomes an exciting trip, perfect for every traveler looking to discover, learn, and experience what our world has to offer.


We use different 4X4 vehicles to suit each location, and it's recommended to check your trip plan to see what kind of vehicle we're using for the destination you have chosen. All our vehicles are the newest models, and are comprehensively assessed by us prior to departing. However, before we get going, we will help you check your vehicle to assure it's in perfect condition and to familiarize you with the features. You will then fill out a rental agreement just like you would in any other rental agency across the globe, sign it, and produce a credit card as assurance in case of damage to the vehicle during the tip. We recommend checking if it's possible to pay in advance a self-participation insurance waiver in the case of damage to the vehicle. Often, paying a few extra dollars per day will give you peace of mind throughout the entire trip.


We're committed to leading the convoy in safety and comfort, including alerting all drivers of any obstacles or challenges along on the route from the lead vehicle by radio. If, at any time, we find a challenging impediment that could potentially cause concern, we will notify all drivers, pause and assess the challenge, possibly creating a detour in the route or  in very rare cases  turning back and finding an alternative route, all to keep our travelers safe and vehicles unharmed.