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How can I sign up for a tour advertised on your website?

You can contact us through our website , our Facebook page or email us We’ll quickly send over a registration form that you can fill out and return. If you would rather hear a friendly voice, call us at 888-975-7080. Better yet, drop by for a coffee at our cozy office in Beit Zayit. We’ll have a great time spreading out maps, showing you photos and figuring out your dream trip.

If we’re only three couples – can we go on a tour through you?

Absolutely! Even if you have yet to agree on a date or itinerary that suits you all – come to us. We will listen to your needs and plan a route according to your request criteria; destination, number of days, hotel ratings, and available dates. As an ‘independent tailor made tour’ group, you’ll find questions and answers regarding this type of trip in our ‘Tailor Made Tours’ section . We will book the hotels you like, secure your 4X4 vehicles, find activities and ‘must-see’ route highlights, arrange flights and everything else. You’ll land at your destination and your vehicle will await you, the beds in the hotels will be made, and the fish will be ready on the grill…

What about insurance? I know myself all too well, with my luck a rock will damage something under the vehicle, or my fender will get scratched. I’m not in the mood for a self-participation insurance fee of 700 $ by the insurance company, or any other su

There’s a big difference between the travel insurance you will have to purchase (which should include medical flights) and the self-participation insurance waiver that you can purchase for the vehicle. The waiver may seem expensive, but considering that the actual self participation fee exceeds 1500 $– it could be worth your while to pay few extra $ per person, per day, to protect yourselves and the 4 person vehicle, thus eliminating the self-participation issue altogether.

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