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4X4 Self Drive Adventure Tours

A friend once went on a similar trip and the only things she heard from the guide through tiny, shrill speakers on walkie talkies was “turn right at the next junction, then left … where’s jeep number 5? So my question is – will I be able to hear m

It’s pretty clear that your friend didn’t travel with us … In all of our tours and in every 4X4 vehicle there’s a built in 2-way radio which broadcasts through the car speakers and keeps contact between all vehicles. We are always in touch – be it on tough terrain or when the convey spreads out along the highway.The critical difference is the best part - our expert guides broadcast continual in-depth descriptions about everything along the route; from describing the flora, fauna and geography outside of our windows to retelling the history of the people who walked the very road we travel. You’ll learn about local customs and culture, get shopping tips for the next marketplace and enjoy a few folk tales thrown in. Our talented guides have a whole lot to tell you, they are your private lecturer with an entertainer’s skill when a laugh is needed to break the levity. It’s all in good spirits and our patrons consider the repartee an unexpected feature that they love. Of course, when a bit of quiet is necessary, our guides know when to keep the peace.

Is a 4X4 adventure tour difficult? I really can’t handle being stuck in sand, bumping over rough passes and surviving scary rescues …

We know what you mean - we have no interest in testing the vehicle’s limits, going through impossible passages and bumping over ridiculous obstacles. (Unless you decide you are up for a challenge as you gain confidence). The 4X4 vehicles we use are new and spacious – 5 people can stretch out comfortably, never squeezed together like sardines in a tin box. The driving and riding segments are broken up by rest stops, walking segments, vista points, restaurants and plenty of coffee breaks.There’s a great deal of excitement in going off the tourist track, following a remote road that leads deep into incredible destinations others will never see. Try it - we know that you’ll find something special that otherwise would have remained a mystery to you. It’s worth it.

What about malfunctions, flat tires and other unexpected issues?

In every 4X4 tour there is an additional lead vehicle with a local driver and a skilled technician that will quickly repair most problems that occur. If necessary, we can quickly bring in a replacement vehicle. Furthermore, as part of your staff, there is an expert Israeli guide who - aside from his or her excellent guidance and destination knowledge - is also well versed in solving malfunctions and anything else that might come up.Why 4X4s? Why not a bus?We at Tripology see the 4X4 as a means to an end.  These comfortable, capable all-terrain vehicles allow us to reach places that huge buses simply can’t. They allow smaller more intimate groups to enjoy each other’s company - impossible in a crowded tube with some people you want to be with and some that are, well, not a good match for you.  For the most part, our routes follow smooth, paved highways, but at times when those roads can’t bring us to the most incredibly beautiful corners of the world, we leave the tourist track and take the high road – as the poet Robert Frost wrote, “I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.”

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