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Independent Tailor Made Tours

What’s an “independent traveler”?

An independent traveler is an individual who isn’t interested in a touring with a group or has a unique itinerary in mind. Usually, these are two to four couples for whom we tailor a “tour suit”.

What are the benefits of this type of tour?

The benefits are intimacy, immediacy, and flexibility – the chance to linger a little longer in a tavern where you’re having too much fun, or on a beach where you just have to wait for the sunset. The itinerary is flexible according to what you decide at any given moment! You choose the hotel category, whether to have a local guide or not, you can even dictate the route and stopovers that will take you to the places you’ve heard about and dreamed of … you’ll also be delighted by small itinerary-related surprises we have in store for you – personalized amazements hidden along the enchanting road. You’re the boss. Would you like another half day for shopping? How about delaying two more days at the end to soak up more Greek sun on that fantastic beach? Just ask - we’ll make it happen for you.

But wait, there’s no Tripology guide?!

You won’t need one. We equip our independent travelers with map and personalized destination-specific information booklets. We can even recommend talented local guides at each destination (if necessary and desired). There is an option at some stops for a full time guide and we know and can engage the best.  Most importantly, we’ll stock you with supplementary articles, stories and insider tips so that you won’t miss anything. Our in-depth, accurate and up-to-date knowledge belongs to you, an exclusive feature from Tripology.

You probably walk around in circles, get lost and, in the end – won’t see a thing!

Our personalized, detailed maps and travel route book explains exactly where to turn, where to fill up on gas, what to order at that small tavern over there on the right, not that big, touristy one on the left. And if, for any reason, you ‘insist’ on losing your way, we’ll do our best to help you get ‘found’. Just call us for immediate phone directions.

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