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Continent: Africa | Capital City: Windhoek | Language: English | Currency: Namibian dollar

4X4 self drive tours to Namibia

Before our world becomes a capitalistic McWorld, where everything looks and feels the same, we invite you to Namibia, a unique and pristine part of the world.


Before human nature obliterates nature, come see a vibrant desert where the world's highest dunes crown the Namib Desert as one of the most beautiful corners of our planet - with golden-red sands, dry salt lakes, and ancient trees clawing their way out of the sea of sand.


Before a cloned lion attacks a 3D-printed zebra, we invite you to commune with flesh and blood animals participating in the circle of life in the Etosha National Park - giraffes meander across our path, springboks bounce alongside, zebras stand guard near water sources, lions and lionesses rest in the shade while many other animals go about their business while trying their best to not end up as the lions’ next meal.


Before the dolphin's smile is gone, come to the seashore, where the Atlantic waves kiss the sandy dunes. Sail along on a catamaran with a glass of champagne in hand, and get a unique look at this spectacular desert. Near Namibia's shores, there are islands that serve as home to countless sea lions. At sail, we will be accompanied by dolphins, pelicans, seagulls, and, once in a while a mischievous sea lion may board the catamaran and join the party.


Before we get back to our camp... our eyes are captured by an incredible sight - red skinned, tall, exquisitely beautiful, partially clothed barefoot women. The Himba Tribe is a fascinating Namibian tribe that lives in Namibia's northern parts. The tribe's women apply otijze paste, a mixture of ochre pigment and butterfat to their skin, and cleanse themselves with smoke - not one drop of water touches their bodies. The Himba and Herero tribes are among the most beautiful in Africa, and some of the few to preserve their prehistoric traditions and culture.


This is man's last chance to see the real power of nature, wild animals participating in the daunting circle of life - predator and prey in a true life or death struggle. This is a final opportunity to experience human culture in which natives don't send text messages or buy Cokes, but rather live in a paradox of sophistication and serenity at one with nature, a perfect reality far from a reality show....


It's the perfect time to immerse oneself in a rare, powerful, and unique world – walk in ancient footsteps across one of the most amazing deserts on Earth with giant mesmerizing dunes, wandering sands and so much more. An adventure that will become a favorite memory – forever.

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