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Continent: Asia | Capital City: bishkek | Language: Kyrgiz, Russian | Currency: Sum


4x4 Self Drive Tours to Kyrgyzstan

Trains in these parts went from East to West and from West to East . . .

On either side of the railway lines lay the great wide spaces of the desert…

In these parts any distance was measured in relation to the railway…

And the trains went from East to West and from West to East . . .

-          Chingiz Aitmatov

There are exotic locations that we have visited, and whose names invoke a kaleidoscope of memories and images; Latin America…the Far East…Darkest Africa… and then there’s Central Asia with Kyrgyzstan at its heart …

Envision a thousand wild horses thundering across our vehicle’s path, causing us to look on and listen in stunned appreciation, imagine crossing an endless prairie to take tea with nomads living in Yurts, while contemplating the vast open horizon where their ancestors have always been …

Isolated places where the eagle is tamed open landscapes where untamed men and horses gallop as part of the tribal, nomadic lifestyle which still exists just as it was in the days of Genghis Khan.  A pristine setting boasting extreme change in landscape – from peaks that reach 7,000 meters, to vast prairies that slowly dissolve into high deserts. Ancient codes of tradition and honor that still dictate the way the culture functions, unforgotten flavors and aromas still the cornerstones of a diet that hasn’t changed all that much in the past centuries – yogurt, sheep meat and horse milk, the bounties of a nomadic lifestyle.

And among all of this, a glistening metal train on the horizon, the iron horse that traverses the countryside - out of context but still an antique remnant in a world that is advancing at light speed. To the residents of the land, it is an incredible and unnatural invention in a world that moves to the rhythm of horses’ hooves.  Here, the news and gossip of the outside world fades into a black hole, never impacting what is real and what is important in in the colorful, vibrant nomadic world of legend, yet a legend that carries on in a very remote and beautiful landscape.

For those who have seen it all and for those who have yet to see a thing – there is a very real, very different, fascinating, colorful and extreme world awaiting those who choose to come along with us to Kyrgyzstan.

Experience a different kind of Overland tour. We mean it. 

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