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Continent: Europe | Capital City: Tibilisi | Language: Georgian | Currency: Lari


4x4 Self Drive Tours to Georgia

Between the shores of the Black Sea and the high desert of the Shirak Steppe, along the Caucasus ridge lays Georgia – ‘the openhearted land’. Georgia is a young country steeped in ancient history, with people who believe that they live in the best country in the world – the land of God. A country where the very first human was created, a country from which man was gifted with live-giving fire, a land of abundance, the land of Golden Fleece.

The Caucasus ridge is adorned with glaciers which ‘glide’ from a height of 5000 meters and more, spawning tremendous flowing rivers that spring from tips of the mountains and rush to the Black Sea. Lush forests cover the mountain slopes. A rare bloom in assorted colors “conquers” Georgia during the spring season, ancient villages and fortresses nestle within its borders, natural springs bubble up in every corner, and the exclusive shimmering greens of rebirth turn the entire country into a festival of color.

Anyone who has been to the ‘land of God’ cannot but be in awe of its rare beauty, from its wondrous culture of song and poetry and fascinating prose. But mostly of its kindhearted, hospitable people who see greeting travelers as a way of life. Georgians are generous people who abide by principles of tolerance toward each other and show a never-ending love of their country, a country also known as ‘Sakartvelo’.

The mere existence of Georgia is a miracle of brave hearts, steadfast commitment, and the power of true love of men toward their country. Throughout history, mighty conquerors have invaded Georgia in order to control the vital Caucasus passages. They oppressed her people, tried to convert their faith, and attempted to exterminate their spirit. However, the Georgian people became even stronger under adversity, maintained their unique identity and survived amidst all of the adversity. The Georgian identity is the foundation upon which Georgia breathes!

Georgia’s story is a rare and thrilling tale…

Three brave soldiers who share an endless friendship undertake a dangerous voyage to find the life love of the ‘The Knight in Panther’s Skin”. In a voyage filled with courage, limitless loyalty, chivalry, nobility, love and wholeheartedness, the three protagonists expose us to the attributes of the Georgian people:

“Those three sovereigns loved one another, they visited one another, their desires were fulfilled, they that disputed their rule were put to the sword, they enlarged their kingdoms, they were sovereign, they increased their might. They poured down mercy like snow on all alike, they enriched orphans and widows and the poor did not beg, they terrified evil-doers; the ewes could not suckle the lambs, within their territories the goat and the wolf fed together.”

-          Rustaveli

With our 4x4s traversing “roads that are difficult to name” we reach the high and low Caucasus, pause at the foot of glaciers, follow alongside meandering rivers visiting ancient villages who have no competition when it comes to beauty.  We smell the aroma of blooming fields, accept the hospitality of generous families, and meet the ancestors of Caucasus tribes that still live in the regions - legendary lands that are both remote and hard to live in. Our routes take us to the borders of Chechnia, Ingoshtanya, and Russia, while “The Knight in Panthers Skin’ accompanies us in his special way to every corner of a gracious and unspoiled country. 

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