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The art of captivating travel

If you love traveling on your own, but you desire privacy and intimacy, if you don’t want to be part of a group dynamic but still yearn for a the special opportunities organized tours enjoy, we’re here for you. We tailor trips for independent travelers from A to Z: flights, vehicles, local guides, restaurants, sites, routes, and local contacts in the event of mishaps.

We’ll sit with you and characterize the kind of trip you want to go on - the needs, the wants, and the desires. Based on your specific requirements, we reserve all the services that comprise your trip, and prepare a detailed travel bag that includes the following:

Flight tickets

Detailed maps
A storyline of the entire route
Vouchers for all hotels / vehicles / boats etc.
Contacts at each destination
Information about your destination of choice – history, mythology, articles and so much more.

An expert on your destination will provide a detailed guidance on how the trip will play out. You’ll get special tips, a wealth of knowledge, and most of all, we will train you to become your own guide on the trip.

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