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Self Drive 4x4 Tours

Discover Culture in Your Expedition Vehicle

Our 4x4 adventure tours are ‘deep’ tours – driving a capable, comfortable fully-equipped off-road vehicle can take you to extremely impressive places that aren’t on the average tour itineraries. Reaching exotic destinations offers the rare opportunity to touch authenticity, to feel the magical genesis as if we were the first to ever arrive in this pristine place…


We offer a number of diverse destinations, awe-inspiring scenic routes, quality 4x4s with powerful two-way radios through which each passenger can listen to explanations about the world outside. Fully equipped gear includes gourmet coffee and kitchen kits for delicious picnic-style dining. We design our trips to be convenient and comfortable, with an itinerary that leaves room to breathe – to visit preferred sites, villages, lakes, rivers, peaks, canyons – or to just be!


Only in an 4x4 tour can you cross the Pindos peaks in Greece, ascend to the High Caucasus in Georgia, wander along the Tien-Shan Ridge in Kyrgyzstan, reach the Himba tribes in Namibia or cross the dunes in the Moroccan Sahara.

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