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4x4 Self Drive Tour

A unique and pristine part of the world

This is man's last chance to see the real power of nature, wild animals participating in the daunting circle of life - predator and prey in a true life or death struggle. This is a final opportunity to experience human culture in which natives don't send text messages or buy Cokes, but rather live in a paradox of sophistication and serenity at one with nature, a perfect reality far from a reality show....

Tour Days
Self Drive 4x4 Tours
Welcome to Namibia
  • The adventure begins with your arrival in the Namibia capital Windhoek.
  • We rendezvous at a predetermined hotel in the city, with all travelers expected to arrive by 5pm (local time).
  • We dine and sleep overnight before hitting the road in the morning.
Towards the Great Dunes
  • We make our way to the domestic flights terminal.
  • We part from our baggage and board a Cessna light aircraft.
  • Flying south, we head towards the world's largest dunes.
  • Our flight path takes us over expansive desert which houses a host of surprises.
  • After an hour's flight, we land in Sossusvlei.
  • After getting our land legs back, we head out for our first ‘dip’ into the magnificent sand dunes.
  • We stay overnight in a lodge. 
Sossusvlei: a Sea of Red Sand
  • Our morning begins with a trip to Sossusvlei’s reserve, home to some of the region’s most awe-inspiring scenery.
  • The drive takes us up and over huge dunes of red sand.
  • We observethe stunning phenomena of light and shade on the wreath of the dunes.
  • Our journey takes in Deadvlei (the ‘Dead Marsh’) with is dead acacia tree sculptures.
  • The salt marsh accentuates a bright whiteness within the red dunes.
  • We climb to the top of the dunes which tower hundreds of meters above the desert floor.
  • After fully exploring the dunes, we return to the reserve's airbase from which we fly to the coastal city of Swakopmund.
  • The flight itself is M-A-G-N-F-I-C-E-N-T!
  • After touching down in Swakopmund, we head out for dinner in the lovely city before staying overnight in a lodge. 
Namibia’s Atlantic Experience
  • Following breakfast, we make the short drive to Walvis Bay.
  • We board a catamaran and sail towards a cluster of islands.
  • With dolphins flanking our boat and beautiful blue waters all around, we raise a toast on deck.
  • Out of nowhere we witness a huge hubbub, with hundreds of thousands of objects before us.
  • Upon closer inspection, the hubbub is caused by what is an almost incomprehensible number of sea lions.
  • We return to Walvis Bay where we stop for a bite of lunch.
  • After lunch, we climb into our vehicles and enjoy an hour bounding among the dunes of the Namib Desert.
  • With sandy wheels and, most likely, sandy feet, we return to Swakopmund to organize our 4x4 vehicles ahead of our northern adventure which begins tomorrow.
  • We enjoy dinner at a restaurant in Swakopmund before once more staying overnight in a lodge. 
A Day of Bushmen
  • An early morning start sees us commence a long day of driving north.
  • We leave the Atlantic shores behind us and begin our journey onwards towards the Brandberg Mountain, Namibia’s highest mountain.
  • We make our way towards the Ohab channel and, if we're lucky, witness the famous desert elephant.
  • Our journey takes us into the granite landscapes that adorn the channel's exit.
  • We continue driving north towards Twyfelfontein, taking in the lovely and unique desert that surrounds us.
  • We reach an area where there are many cultural symbols of Bushmen.
  • Here we stay overnight in rooftop tents.
Twyfelfontein - Kaokoland
  • Our morning begins with a trip to see the ancient cave engravings that made Twyfelfontein Namibia’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Our visit allows us the opportunity to learn about their unique lifestyle and character.
  • We say goodbye to this historical site and head towards Kaokoland, a long drive through desert savannas.
  • Along the way we meet members of the Himba tribe, many of whom cover their bodies with a red paste.
  • We reach the city of Opuwu where we will spend the night.
  • Sitting upon cliffs high above the savannah below, we gaze out upon the stunning landscape that surrounds us.
  • We stay overnight in rooftop tents. 
Visiting the Epupa Falls &Kunene River
  • Today’s leg of the tour takes us north towards the Kunene River.
  • As we reach the river, we keep our eyes peeled for the hippos and crocodiles that live in the river.
  • We meet nomads from the Himba tribe to whom the river serves as home.
  • On foot, we walk to the beautiful Epupa Falls, which mark the border between Namibia and Angola.
  • We stay overnight in rooftop tents. 
  • Today we head south for an exciting day with the Himba, or the “red people”.
  • We’re afforded the opportunity to enter the structures used by the Himba tribe and learn of their lifestyle.
  • We witness purifications ceremonies and learn about the “holy fire”.
  • We talk to them about their interpersonal relationships and about nomadic living.
  • During the day we’ll meet Himba people who aren't adorned by red paste, as well as those who are.
  • After getting to know the Himba, we return to the city of Opuwo, where we will reach our lodge.
  • As evening approaches, we sit in a pool and take in the desert landscapes spread out before us.
  • We stay overnight in the lodge. 
Safari - Day & Night

Our next two days and nights are spent on safari.


  • We begin the morning traveling to Etosha National Park, a long drive that proves more than worth the while.
  • The Park itself serves as a game reserve, offering the chance to head out on safari in search of a wide variety of animals, including: cheetahs, desert elephants, giraffes, hyenas, and raptors.
  • The reserve’s water sources are a good spot for catching a glimpse of animals, but it takes a lot of patience (and a little luck) to see some of these creatures.
  • Nightfall doesn’t faze us as we try to catch a glimpse of nocturnal predators during the night.
  • If we're lucky, the safari segment can prove to be the highlight of the entire trip.
  • We stay overnight in rooftop tents on the first night (safe from predators).
  • We stay overnight in a lodge on our second night here.
Okonjima Big Cat Reserve
  • Leaving the game reserve behind us, we spend the morning traveling south to Okonjima, a private reserve that takes care of big cats.
  • Here we have the opportunity to see cheetahs, tigers and lions in the wild.
  • The beautiful scenery and stunning wildlife makes it easy to see why this is considered by many to be the most beautiful private reserve in Namibia.
  • We stay overnight in a lodge.
Back to Windhoek
  • After breakfast, we wave goodbye to the reserve and its big cats and begin the first leg of our journey home.
  • We head south, passing through a lovely market where handcrafted goods are sold.
  • We continue on towards Windhoek 
  • Last evening in Namibia, dinner and sweet dreams..
Our Journey Comes to a Close
  • After enjoying breakfast at the hotel, our trip comes to a close.
  • Travelers make their way to the airport and begin the journey home.
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