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Incentive Tours

A Real Treat

We see incentive tours as an event, and try to create an experience that stays engraved in memory and seared on the heart – an experience that the traveler will find impossible to achieve on his or her own. A once-in-a-lifetime event that will both reward and enhance loyalty and dedication for your recipients.

For our incentive tours, we put plenty of thought into both the big and small details so that every day becomes a bigger experience than the last. Every single detail, like a chocolate waiting on a pillow, a fascinating night time folk story, an impromptu cooking competition alongside world class chefs, each personal touch brings joy to the people you are rewarding. How about original music dedicated to the group, or an exclusive banner hanging in a surprising and unexpected place? All of these and more will make the experience even more exciting.

Our intimate, in-depth experience with the destinations allows us to surprise you.  We give not only our knowledge and experience, but our whole heart to each event. Our guides will provide the depth and interest you’re after, adding unexpected tones and colors to your rainbow of experiences.

Our clients include leading insurance companies, hi-tech and communications companies, companies from the biotechnology fields, as well as factories and many more. Their satisfaction is our badge of pride!

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