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Family Tours

Family Tours

Our family trips are carefully planned nature adventures in comfortable 4X4 vehicles that not only transport our travelers between destinations, but are able to reach hidden treasures that a standard vehicle simply cannot. We feature walking tours at each stop that are perfectly suitable for both adults and children, visiting unique nature sites and cultural points of interest off the beaten track, and, of course, combine those with a variety of activities such as rafting, kayaking, biking, or bathing in the clear, turquoise waters of remote lakes, coves or streams.


We keep our family trips nice and small – groups of no more than 24 people. During the entire trip, we strike the right balance between joint activities and quality time for each family. 


We know that it isn’t every day that you can take your entire family on an adventure like this. Therefore, we consider it a great privilege and an absolute objective to make sure that this will be an experience both enjoyable and memorable for every member of your family.


The Tripology guides who lead our family trips have been carefully chosen. They have the ability and knowledge not only to introduce the experience, but also to enhance it for both youngsters and adults by sharing back stories and insights on each and every location. We believe that every route we take, and in every country we visit, there is much more that meets the eye. We feel compelled to share our knowledge with you with a smile, by telling you a story, a fairy tale, or by exposing you to the local cuisine in a tavern or even from a host’s table in a cozy home.


Just like every other Tripology trip, our family tours come fully equipped with everything necessary in order to make the duration of your trip as pleasant as possible, and to create an experience that you won't forget.  But be prepared for more than you might expect, we will do our best to surprise you and to go way beyond what our program promises. 

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