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Concept Tours

From Archeology to Music, Geology to Wine

For lovers of knowledge and those who find interest in diverse topics we offer ‘Specialty Tours’. These traveling seminars revolve around a certain phenomena or topic that we ‘dismantle’ before, during and after the trip.  Prior to our departure, we convene for evenings of lectures and discussion, view relevant films and listen to music. We send you articles, images and studies that have been published on the matter. And after we’ve built a solid knowledge base – we go on a trip that summarizes it all, and turns the puzzle into a clear, cohesive picture.


Example: Music Seminar in Greece

Preparation meetings:

We will understand the history and roots of the music.
We will listen to songs and learn the words.
We will watch movies related to the topic.

During the trip:
We will visit small music clubs.
We will enjoy large-scale concerts.
We will travel through the districts that have inspired poets and singers in Athens.
We will sample the food, breathe in the aromas of the markets, and immerse ourselves in the contemporary culture.
We will piece together a full picture of the Greek cultural and musical world.
And we will finally ‘know’ the subject as part of our being, not just anecdotes that are quickly forgotten.


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